About us

Our History and Goals.

Decades of combined experience working at senior levels with Government, Industry Associations as well as leading Employment and Training Providers.

We are a consultancy service that will help you cut-through to the issues.

We make practical and realistic assessments of the opportunities and challenges of the environment your work in.

We work with management at all levels to achieve agreed outcomes.

BGA is led by Steve Balzary who has over 20 years’ experience in providing advice and solutions for across productivity, growth, training and associated strategic areas. Steve is operating from Washington D.C.

John Hart is Executive Director and responsible for the operation of BGA in Australia.

Steve Balzary – Managing Director 

John Hart – Executive Director 

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Our team of consultants bring their specific industry expertise, subject skills and vast experience, ensuring the right expertise is matched to your organisation.

BGA draws on experts such as John Hart (Executive Director), Jim Syrmas (Associate Director), James Tinslay (Executive Director) and Frank Balzary (Director).

When appropriate, BGA Australia works with other providers to bring in project related expert services.

“BGA was able to support the tourism and hospitality industry to assist in positioning the largest employing industry in Australia to meet the challenge of a better skilled and productive workforce. BGA’s input was critical to the successful project.”

– Juliana Payne, CEO, Restaurant and Catering Australia.


  • Steve Balzary
    Steve Balzary Managing Director
  • James Tinslay
    James Tinslay Executive Director
  • John Hart
    John Hart Executive Director
  • Jim Syrmas
    Jim Syrmas Associate Director