• Auto Skills Australia Pty Ltd


December 2014 – ongoing

Project Overview:

BGA was engaged to provide a range of services. A key component of this work is the provision of advice to the ASA Board and its Chair, and the ASA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on positioning the ASA as the pre-eminent organisation for advocating the interests of the automotive industry across Australia. It is the aim of the ASA to ensure political parties and government agencies seek advice and involvement from the ASA, independent of other formal or informal agreements.

BGA’s role includes assisting in the development of submissions, articles, proposals and correspondence to government on strategic matters. In addition, BGA reviews policy, proposals and positions advocated by other organisations and governments – assessing their potential impact on the Industry and the ASA.

Building on the foundation of the ASA’s program development, particularly in the transition to Skills Services Organisations, BGA works with the ASA to ensure every opportunity is maximised in relation to the new arrangements post 2016. This includes delivery against key contractual deliverables in the transition arrangements and positioning for the future.

BGA’s work will closely align with the priorities outlined under the transition contract with the Department of Education and Training and include:

  • Reform of the ASA Board membership and structure to a professional board as proscribed under the SSO guidelines
  • Reform of the underpinning advisory groups into IRCs with the support of industry and employers
  • Assistance in the preparation of the relevant work-plans required by the department
  • Assistance with the preparation of a business plan and other supporting documentation for proposals for IRC training package development work, including consideration of the outcomes of the recent Senate inquiry into the Automotive industry

Support for lobbying relevant senior state and territory training authority officers and members of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

Project Outcomes:

Promoting outcomes from initiatives, government liaison, contractual objectives and key performance indicators to industry members and government has ensured an increased understanding of the ASA goals, particularly in regard to the transition funding arrangement.

BGA’s involvement has also resulted in the establishment of a permanent Canberra presence for ASA.


For further information about this project, contact Steve Balzary on 0418 215 732