• Energy Department,
  • Prime Minister’s Office,
  • Brunei Darussalam
Report not publicly available

Report not publicly available


April 2012 through to February 2013

Project Overview:

BGA was engaged by the Energy Department in the Prime Minister’s Office, to work on the development of a competency framework for the Energy Industry in Brunei Darussalam.  This project required extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders in Brunei, including employers, as part of a comprehensive analysis of the current environment, the identification of existing workforce issues and subsequent industry requirements.

Project Outcomes:

The development of the Energy Industry Competency Framework (EICF) was built around four key components:

  • –   A national Brunei Darussalam Qualifications Framework which provides a platform of qualifications at all levels in education and training from school, through technical and vocational training, to higher education.
  • –   National Standards for Registered Training Organisations, or training providers. This will ensure that training is nationally recognised, of a high standard, and leads to employment.
  • –   National Standards for technical teachers and trainers to ensure that their skills are up to date and that they are experts in their field.
  • –   A competency based system for critical occupations to allow employers to determine the skills required as part of a qualification directly linked to jobs in their companies, initially for the oil and gas industry.

Over the course of the project, BGA delivered a series of products including:

  • –   A draft position paper on the development and implementation of the EICF
  • –   Forecasting and manpower planning paper, incorporating data requirements
  • –   EICF Registered Training Organisation self- assessment tool
  • –   EICF National Quality Framework, including RTO standards and registration requirements and standard for technical teachers and trainers
  • –   Skilled Worker Employer Survey to determine critical occupations
  • –   21 individual competency profiles for critical skills worker occupations with multiple individual supporting units of competency
  • –   National Apprenticeship system report
  • –   EICF Working Group terms of reference
  • –   Terms of reference for a Project Steering Committee, and the Joint Implementation Group
  • –   A series of project updates for distribution to interested stakeholders
  • –   A presentation on the Australian vocational education and training system to government representatives
  • –   Final report on all aspects of the EICF


For further information about this project, contact Steve Balzary on 0418 215 732